Welcome to the official website of the Department of Business Administration

Welcome to the website of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Patras. Our Department was founded in 1999 and is part of the School of Economics and Business Administration which was established in 2013. Our objective is to educate top level graduates by providing them with the knowledge and the skills that will enable them to pursue their goals, professional or academic, and to play a prominent role at local, national or international level.

To achieve this objective the Department offers a study program which is in accordance to the latest scientific developments and covers the full range of topics related to Business Administration. The Department also offers the postgraduate Master in Business Administration (MBA), a recently enhanced program providing students with further insights into the major scientific areas of Business Administration. Finally, the Department runs a doctoral program, with graduates already pursuing academic careers in Greece or abroad.

The Department also places great emphasis on the promotion of research in Business Administration. All members of staff are active researchers, regularly publishing articles in reputable academic journals. Our research record is acknowledged internationally, as stated in the recent External Evaluation of the Department. The Department is also involved in various research programs, supported by Greek or international sources of funding.

Over the last few years the Department has established a series of partnerships with academic institutions in Greece and abroad in order to promote research and encourage mobility among students as well as staff. In addition, we aim to maintain close links with industry through a well established internship program which better prepares students for their professional career. The links with industry are further consolidated by the fact that an increasing number of our graduates hold top level managerial positions in Greece and abroad.

We invite you to browse through our website and to contact us for any additional information.


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