Our Department shapes people through a holistic approach that combines erudition with deepening, theory with practice, culture with the connection to the labour market. Thus, our graduates with their ethos, training, knowledge and skills advertise the Department in the best possible way. The Department provides not only the West, but also the whole of Greece with young scientists, business executives, thus actively contributing to the economic development, added value and entrepreneurship of our country.

Emphasizing the development of close relations with social, cultural and other institutions, particularly in the local community, the Department has undertaken in recent years a variety of educational activities such as: The organization of a Summer School during the month of July in which students from high schools of Achaia participate. The participation in the action "Schools go to University" which is addressed to students of schools in the prefectures of Achaia and Aitoloakarnania. The organization of workshops and conferences for the promotion of quality tourism and tourism development in cooperation with local bodies.

Furthermore, by actively defending public education, we offer free of charge, the Master in Business Administration (MBA), a program with excellent quality postgraduate education, which provides our students with scientific and professional skills. The offered MBA is the only tuition-free MBA in Business Administration in Greece and Cyprus. Thus, it fosters strong ties with the local community contributing to balanced local development and relationship with the people who surround us.


  Department of Business Administration,
University Campus 26504 Rio Achaia
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