The strategic objectives of the Department, linked to those of the Foundation, include:

- Providing high quality education, with an emphasis on student-centered learning, the continuous upgrading of the undergraduate syllabus through the institutionalized process of annual review of the undergraduate syllabus and the updating and standardization of academic functions.

- Producing high quality research based on international standards through the promotion of research collaborations and the exploitation and dissemination of results for the benefit of society.

- Promote excellence and innovation by enhancing and rewarding the achievements of members of the university community in teaching and research.

- Strengthening the Department's extroversion and international presence, with emphasis on the recognition of the Department at local, national and international level

- Improving the connection with the local community, the labour market, scientific institutions and the Department's alumni.

- Efficiency of administrative procedures and improvement of the Department's infrastructure with emphasis on Student Affairs and reduction of bureaucracy.

These objectives are mainly achieved through the Undergraduate Curriculum and other activities and organized services offered for the better preparation of students, such as laboratory applications, visits and internships in companies, organization of conferences and workshops on scientific topics and others.


  Department of Business Administration,
University Campus 26504 Rio Achaia
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