The Department of Business Administration was founded in 1999 and belongs to the School of Economics and Business Administration, which was established in 2013. Our Department, understanding science in its archetypal sense, focuses on the meeting of the different scientific fields that make up the Science of Management. Guided by a holistic approach that combines erudition and immersion, theory and practice, cultivation and education on the one hand and connection to the labour market on the other, it offers a plethora of courses to young scientists, Our vision is to form people with ethical (prudence, conscience, mutual respect, culture of dialogue) scientific competence (accuracy, perseverance in knowledge and education, critical attitude, interdisciplinarity) and skills such that our graduates are competent and competitive in the labour market. The reputation of our graduates, both in the labour market and in society provide the greatest credentials for students, students and faculty of our Department, ensuring absorption in the market, ethos and smiles on our faces.


  Department of Business Administration,
University Campus 26504 Rio Achaia
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