The studies for the award of the PhD degree are governed by Law 3685/2008, and are free of charge.

According to the Law, except in exceptional cases, holders of a postgraduate degree (e.g. MSc, MBA) are entitled to apply for a doctoral thesis.

A candidate interested in writing a doctoral thesis submits, in cooperation with the responsible professor, an application to the Department's Secretariat, specifying in general terms the subject of the thesis. The proposal for the doctoral thesis is presented orally to the members of the General Assembly of Special Composition (G.A.S.C.) of the Department, which decides whether the proposal is satisfactory and whether the candidate will be selected or not.

By a relevant decision of the General Assembly of the Department, the parallel attendance and successful completion of an organised course or other related activities may be provided for during the period of the doctoral thesis.

The duration of the doctoral degree may not be less than three (3) full calendar years from the date of appointment of the three-member advisory committee.

The obligations of doctoral candidates include performing research work and providing ancillary work to the activities of the Department.

Specifically, the doctoral candidate is required, if requested, to provide ancillary work which includes mandatory, examination proctoring (in the Department's undergraduate and/or graduate curriculum) and in addition:

  • Tutorials.
  • Assisting in the supervision of undergraduate or postgraduate assignments.
  • Assisting as a supervisor in a laboratory.

Plagiarism and violation of principles of scientific ethics by doctoral candidates are not allowed and will be subject to sanctions according to the importance of the misconduct.


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