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Basilis Boutsinas was born in Cefalinia, Hellas (Greece), in 1963. 
He received his diploma in “Computer Engineering & Informatics” in 1991 from the University of Patras, Hellas . 
He also conducted studies in “Electronics Engineering” at the Technical Education Institute of Piraeus, Hellas, 
and Pedagogics at Pedagogical Academy of Lamia, Hellas.
He received his Ph.D. on Knowledge Representation from the University of Patras in 1997.

He is an associate professor in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Patras since 2001. His primary research interests include data mining, business intelligence, knowledge representation techniques, nonmonotonic reasoning and parallel AI.

He can be reached at University of Patras, Dept. of Business Administration, 26500, Rio, Patras, Greece. tel. : +30 2610 997845 fax. : +30 2610 969838


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HOBBY: percussion-drums, photo, scuba diving, basket-ball, kayaking.

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