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Department Guidelines on Postgraduate Studies

Department Guidelines on Postgraduate Studies

The general regulations for attending a Postgraduate Program (PGP) and acquiring a Doctorate are stated in the relevant law 3685/2008 appearing in Government’s Gazette 148/16-7-2008, Issue A’. PGP studies are offered freeofcharge.

The following criteria are considered when evaluating candidates for admission:

  • Consistence between the candidate’s research proposal and that of the department.
  • Performance in previous undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • Letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's potential for development and success in a competitive Ph.D. program.

Ph.D. seminars offered by Business Administration Department covers a broad theoretical base, including management, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, finance, operational research, production planning and control, and information systems.  Students pick a track and coursework that corresponds with their research interests. Programs mixing elements of the tracks are possible, depending on student interests. 

Program highlights include a minimum three years research activity, close collaboration with supervisor and mentoring committee, faculty members and other Ph.D. students.

The prescribed objectives are accomplished in several ways including independent reading, thesis research, co-authoring papers, formal teaching and supervising assignments as research assistants.

We have a large group of faculty members who publish in top journals and university presses and co-author publications with their Ph.D. students. Moreover, they have been asked to serve on the editorial review boards of several major journals and have been served on organizing committees and as track chairs for major conferences.

Detailed information about Department of Business Administration is on our website:http://www.bma.upatras.gr/index.php/en/